Key tips: How to win in the bull market

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40 key tips on how to win in the bull market.

- Never force a trade. The best trades come naturally to you.- Always take profits when you hit it big. - Don't overdiversify. Find one area you are good at and stick with it. - Keep decision making simple. The more complicated you make things the harder it is to execute properly. - Never chase losses. Learn from your mistakes and move on.- Set a limit on how often you can check the price of your assets. Obsessing over price action is what leads to bad decisions. - If in doubt zoom out. There is too much noise in low time frames.- You are supposed to buy at support and sell at resistance but most people do the opposite due to human psychology. - You only realize profit when you cash out. Don't roll everything back into other trades. - Never marry a coin. You are here to make money. - Always follow the trend. Going against it is a loser's game. - If you fail by yourself, you gain experience. If you fail because you listened to someone else, you have learned nothing.- The vast majority is better off holding spot over taking leverage. - Trade less and observe more. The bulk of your profits will likely be concentrated on a few trades. - It's not about being right all the time. It's about taking trades where the risk reward is in your favor.- Crypto trading is inherently PVP. If you have no edge over the rest you should not expect to make money. - Learn to adapt. Just because one strategy worked for in the past does not mean it will work the next time. - Bull markets run on speculation. Bear markets run on fundamentals. - Newer projects usually have an inherent advantage over older projects. - FDV is a meme. What really matters is the emission rate and unlock schedule. - Price action often precedes news. - Market structure and momentum is your best friend.- The only person who has your best interests in this space is yourself. - It's easy to point out flaws. It's hard to make money doing so. - Patience is a key quality to being a good trader. If you are impatient you have already lost. - The projects that dump the least during red days are probably the projects that will outperform during the green days. - Never trade with your emotions. - Making profit doesn't matter if you increase your spending as well. Try to live below your means. - There is no such thing as free yield. - Check your approvals regularly. Nobody wants to see their hard earned money get drained. - Flaunting your wealth is the best way to go broke. - Information is key in Crypto. If you trade alts your goal should be to move up the information cycle. Network, look at volume, or keep a close eye on smart wallets. - Always stay liquid. People who have dry powder on hand are the ones who can take advantage of the best opportunities. - Never stop journaling. It is essential for improvement. - There are no absolutes, only probabilities. - Price is the best form of marketing. - Focus less on hitting big wins and more on being consistent. - Never get complacent no matter the market. - You are responsible for your own actions. Growth comes from taking accountability.