United States Justice Department Negotiating $4 Bi

ANC AR DEP EDE es 2023-11-21 98


The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly in negotiations with Binance to resolve its investigation into the company. According to insiders, the agreement being discussed would require Binance to pay $4 billion in fines. In return, Binance would be allowed to continue its operations while adhering to U.S. laws. The announcement of the agreement could potentially be made by the end of the month. As part of the deal, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao could face criminal charges related to alleged money laundering, bank fraud, and sanctions violations. However, CZ currently resides in the United Arab Emirates, which does not have an extradition treaty with the U.S., making it unlikely for him to be arrested. Binance is reportedly seeking a deferred prosecution agreement, in which the Justice Department would make a criminal complaint but not prosecute the company as long as it meets certain conditions. These conditions include paying $4 billion in penalties, admitting areas of non-compliance, and implementing a monitoring process for future compliance. Binance has not yet responded to requests for comment on the matter. Read more AI-generated news on: https://app.chaingpt.org/news