SOL Price Forecast Takes Beari

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SOL Price Forecast Takes Bearish Turn, Prepare For Potential Plummet To $30 Or Lower

Solana meteoric rise in the crypto world has been impressive, boasting a 43% gain in the last two weeks! Analysts warn of a potential correction as the TD Sequential indicator signals a sell on the weekly chart. Could SOL drop to $30?

Despite concerns, Solana's fundamentals shine! Market cap surged by 138.78%, reaching $24.62B. Revenue skyrocketed by 106.55% in 30 days, hitting $1.26M, with transaction fees contributing significantly. Daily active users rose by 53.6%, showcasing a robust ecosystem.

Analyst Ali Martinez predicts a dip, but Solana's growth story, with a fully diluted market cap of $32.77B, hints at resilience. Are you bullish on SOL or preparing for a correction? Share your thoughts! Share your thoughts!