Fresh Airdrop ends 2023-11

AI es nds OP PEN 2023-11-21 93
Fresh Free AirDrop

Airdrop ends 2023-11-26
Total value: $1,000
Platform: Own chain

Step-by-Step Guide:

️ Visit the giveaway page.
Name and Link in comments
Now, complete simple tasks on the Gleam page.

One fortunate participant will receive $200 worth of BTC, while five participants will each receive $100 worth of ETH. Additionally, 15 participants will be awarded 20 USDT each.

Disclaimer:The airdrop is entirely complimentary; refrain from sending any cryptocurrency for airdrop token acquisition.

Remember: Our primary focus is on free airdrops, where tokens are distributed without any associated cost. Your generous tip would greatly support our mission. ♥️